Letters from Gwanma

The following letter is one of several Grace wrote to her granddaughter, three year old Sophie, who struggles to pronounce her R’s, hence the title for this excerpt.

From Chapter 35

Dear Sophie,

Imagine my surprise the day I found you and Granddad on all fours in the backyard, your ears pressed to the ground with pencils tightly held in your hands.

“Ah, what are you two doing?” I asked.

You burrowed a hole with your pencil, looked up, rolled your eyes and said, “Looking for cwickets, of course!”
Right! Of course!

Later that day, Granddad asked you to tell me what you were going to be when you grew up.
“A enema-oligist,” you answered very seriously.

“She gets her brains from me, you know,” Granddad bragged.

Since my response is not fit for innocent young ears, I’ll finish by telling you once more what an amazingly funny and delightful child you are.

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