The first novel in a three part series



A story about five strong women

A modern-day story set in
Marco Island, Florida.



A modern-day story set in
Marco Island, Florida.
Five strong women, sharing a love, so profound,
it transcends even death, leaving their family with a
valuable legacy, changing their lives forever.


After years working in the music industry, first as a professional singer, then as a band manager, Viv finally decided it was time to follow her real passion…

…It was time to write that book!

Gracie’s Girls is now published and ready for Christmas sales at Create Space or Amazon!

The first of a three part series, the book is a modern-day story set on Marco Island, Florida and the genre is contemporary fiction.

This website is the start of Viv’s writer’s platform and offers lots of interesting information about the novel (check Fun Stuff).

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Note: Since Gracie’s Girls and this website was launched, Viv, like the main character in her book, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. See below the author’s note appearing in her novel. She is now fighting for her life and determined to do whatever she can to extend her time with her family,  to create more happy memories and  to finish the trilogy with book 2 and 3. As the main character, Grace, would say, anything is possible…

Author’s Note

I believe the writing of Gracie’s Girls was the universe’s way of helping my family and myself to deal with what turned out to be a classic example of ‘life mimicking art’.

When I first started plotting and outlining in 2012, I had no idea Gracie’s predicament would become my own – a woman in her 50’s being given a terminal diagnosis and her desperation not to leave her loved ones.

Losing my mom to a terminal illness in 1998 had a profound effect on myself and all who knew her and, like my main character, Grace, it happened at a time when her family needed her the most.

Gracie’s Girls is intended to be the first in a three part series. It remains to be seen if Book Two – Katie’s Gift and Book Three – Sophie’s Legacy are written. The latter, like many things, will be largely out of my control. Still, I’ll keep writing while there is breath in my body and if I finish them, great, if not, at least I will have died doing what I love and what makes me happy.

Many of my life’s lessons and the influences of the people I’ve surrounded myself with, are steeped inside the pages of this book. I believe Gracie’s Girls holds important messages about happiness, acceptance and the possibilities both here and beyond.

I started out wanting to write a book that was entertaining, a page turner that would make you laugh and cry. I hope I’ve achieved that and more. It is, indeed, my legacy to family, friends and readers and a reminder to all of us that ‘anything is possible’.